Eruch Jessawala: Real Swimming

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Avatar Meher Baba and Eruch Jessawala - www.meherbaba irani.comEruch Jessawala

Meher Baba would often ask different people if they knew how to swim and if the reply was in the negative, He would advise them to commence practicing.

"If you do noy know how to swim, how will you be able to swim in the Ocean of My Love?" He would ask, adding, "Moreover, it is a very good exercise."

One day when a group of people came to visit Him, He put the same question to one of them who replied, "No, Baba, but I have heard that even You do not know how to swim."

"It is natural for Me not to know for I am the Ocean," responded Baba who then concluded with "How can the Ocean swim in the Ocean?" which brought peals of laughter from the audience.


THE ANCIENT ONE A Disciple's memoirs of Meher Baba, p. 131
Edited by Naosherwan Anzar
Copyright 1983 AMBPCT


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