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Mani IraniMeherBaba with Mani and Mehera

Is it very difficult to be with a Perfect Master? Well frankly it is not really easy, but on the other hand what Baba fills our life with more than makes up for everything.

Life anywhere is a challenge, but with Baba one learns that worries are not so monumental as we thought them after all. He teaches us to maintain a better balance of truer values and not to worry over spiritually lesser ones. He often brings our emotions to the surface so we have to face them as this is the way to overcome them.

We must not take things too seriously, and never lose a sense of humor. Baba

used to have one of us read jokes every afternoon, and someone asked why He liked jokes. Baba replied because the Universe is God's biggest joke!

I have no idea what you mean when you say, "It is certainly all my doing." Forgive me for being outspoken but (whatever it is) when we say that we are really flattering ourselves. Truly nothing is of our own doing except the shaping of our next life, and even in that there is a greater hand than ours that guides our path.

Of course it is not easy -- but would we really want it all smooth? The obstacles we come across can become stepping stones if only we used them so. Baba once said, "Treat your circumstances like a life buoy and it will not let you sink."

Of course one has troubles and worries. We would be as stone if we didn't, and sometimes they seem too big;

but Baba teaches us to dismiss them, to snap out of it (with that He snaps His beautiful fingers).

I think life is much easier when we do not think too much. You know what I mean? One thought invites
another and another and another, and soon there is not enough room in the mind for the giant we have created.
I think the trouble nowadays is that we have forgotten to relax our mind as much as our body.

I once wrote to a friend who needed comfort: "Don't shut all the doors within you. You're not holding anything out, you are shutting yourself in. Relax in His Love; tell Him you are His to do with what He likes and then relax in His Will."

ed Jim Mistry
Copyright 1983 AMBPPCT

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